Unmakeablelove is a revisioning of Beckett’s initial investigation in ‘The Lost Ones’ (1972) that focuses and makes interactively tangible, a state of confrontation and interpolation between our selves and another society that is operating in a severe state of physical and psychological entropy. Through the immersive display system Re-Actor, Unmakeablelove advances the practices of algorithmic agency, artificial life, virtual communities, human computer interaction, augmented virtuality, mixed reality and multimedia performance to engage ‘the body’s primordial inscriptions’. It locates Beckett’s society of ‘lost ones’ in a virtual space that represents a severe state of physical confinement, evoking perhaps a prison, an asylum, a detention camp, or even a ‘reality’ TV show.

Project Directors: Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw (with Scot Ashton, Yossi Landesman, Conor O’Kane)

Programmer: Scott Ashton