The Dynamic Earth museological application was commissioned by Rio Tinto for display at Melbourne Museum between 2010-2020 where it receives over 300,000 visitors a year. It enables museum audiences, in partnership with a database, to imaginatively experience, simulate and analyse the dynamic processes involved in geology using 3D computer graphics, such as the formation of a volcano. Audiences enter the Museum’s AVIE and are able to walk through a highly realistic immersive rendering of this geological process, whilst also interacting with it to zoom into specific details, such as lava composition and be provided contextual information. It was winner of the Gold MUSE Award (USA, 2011), one of the world’s leading museum prizes.

Rio Tinto Volcanic 3D in AVIE at Museum Victoria

Project DirectorsDennis Del Favero, Adrian Hardjono
Industry Partners: Rio Tinto, Museums Victoria

Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, 2010-2020