Voldemort (2019) is a full-body 3D modelling application for the simulation industry, adapted from iCASTS, commissioned by the digital design division of WSP, Sydney. It enables up to 30 designers and clients to interactively immerse themselves with virtual commuters in a hypothetical underground metro setting. It addresses the problem of intelligently analysing how commuters interact with each other on a platform to navigate their way to exit points in case of an emergency. It experientially tests the assumptions regarding how users spatially interact in such a setting when faced with an incident in an environment with a diversity of signs, passageways and utilities. Currently, such assumptions are experientially tested via a range of methods including single-user head-mounted virtual tours of a scene, filmic and photographic documentation of existing sites, focus group discussion of issues involved and graphic storyboarding of interaction scenarios.

Project Directors: Dennis Del Favero, Tomasz Bednarz
Programmers: Alex Ong, Rob Lawther