iModel investigates an interactive spatial aesthetic that facilitates the digital modelling of operatic rehearsal design. It applies an experimental 3D artistic system that reshapes concepts of spatial design through collaborative interaction between creative teams and digital systems. It demonstrates how designers and technicians can immersively design a rehearsal in real time at up to 1:1 scale, assisted by an intelligent and evolving database. It transforms our understanding of operatic design and the way it can be aesthetically explored, with outcomes that optimise and streamline design processes in the performing arts industry.

M. Scott-Mitchell: Production Design, Madama Butterfly, Opera Australia, 2022/23

The project provides a transformation of operatic rehearsal design by providing a 3D networked virtual rehearsal modelling system. It delivers increased economic efficiencies by robustly testing performative, scenographic and technical design components and their spatial interaction prior to fabrication and staging. The end-result is a distributed solution offering a suite of capabilities that facilitate broad industry uptake by enabling companies to model, rehearse and evaluate designs for their venues and for global touring. While enlarging the creative scope of experimentation leading up to the live stage rehearsal, it ensures the integration of design and production departments within a performing arts organisation and builds a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration across its creative and technical teams. While focused on opera, the outcome will also impact the art, design, event, film, and music sectors, as each involve rehearsal processes that can be enhanced through distributed immersive prototyping.

M. Scott-Mitchell, D. Del Favero, S. Thurow, S. Cotterell, E. Dang, D. Shorten, L. Clemente. Design Prototype: Barber of Seville, Opera Australia, 2022/23

The iModel project is financially supported under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage funding scheme with Industry Partner Opera Australia.

During 2022 and 2023 iModel’s digital prototyping system was applied to the Barber of Seville Opera that is touring to 36 venues throughout Australia. As a result of the iModel system Opera Australia is able to preview and test the design for all 35 different venues so that the design is modular and suited to each individual location.

ARC Project InvestigatorsDennis Del FaveroMaurice PagnuccoMichael Scott-MitchellSusanne Thurow
ARC ProgrammersEvelyn DangDylan Shorten
ARC Project Title: Transforming rehearsal design using an interactive spatial aesthetic
Project Funding: ARC LP190100563