Dedicated to Simon

Firewall is a four-part work exploring the concept of doors.

Typically doors are viewed as human inventions. However they precede and transcend the human world. Not only do they appear in the natural world, amongst animals and insects, but they are also found in the physical world of the atmosphere. It is the interrelationship between their human and non-human occurrence that is the focus of Firewall. The term Firewall characterises one function of a door, namely its immunological qualities, keeping danger at bay while protecting the contents. It explores this through an imaginary descent from heights of the atmosphere through a layer of doors down to ground level.

Lenz, at 33,000kms above sea level, presents the view of a door never seen by the human eye that envelops the planet, the deep layer of water vapour circling the planet.

Descartes, at 3kms above sea level, presents the visible door that hovers above us, the dynamic cloud systems that nourish and shade us.

Cassandra, at 0 kms above sea level, presents the pathway of doors that open and close into imaginary rooms where we spend the majority of our lives.

Dolomites, somewhere below sea level, presents the doors we see as passers by, but are unable to enter.

Part 1: Lenz Video. 3.30 minutes. BW. Stereo.

Part 2: Descartes Video. 3.30 minutes. BW. Stereo.

Part 3: Cassandra Video. 3.30 minutes. BW. Stereo.

Part 4: Dolomites Photographs, Inkjet on Hahnemule art paper, 15×22.5cm. Edition of 3.

Dennis Del Favero


Multi-Media Installation

William Wright Gallery, Sydney, 2014