There is currently a record number of people who have been forcibly displaced: 1 in every 95 people in the world have had to flee in search of safety for themselves and their families. There are many reasons why people may be forced to leave their homes, including conflict, discrimination, persecution, extreme poverty, and environmental disasters. Forced migrants often face many risks as they move in search of safety or better opportunities, including violence, food insecurity, and limited or no access to health services or education.

Forced migration is a complex issue which we believe can be best understood by taking an interdisciplinary approach. This is why the Forced Migration Research Network is made up of scholars based predominantly in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture at UNSW who work across the social sciences, including history, philosophy, media and film studies, cultural studies, education, and social psychology. We partner with civil society organisations, service providers, government bodies and international actors to undertake our research, policy, training, and advocacy activities.

Our objectives include:

  • supporting and working in partnership with refugee communities and forced migrants
  • building strong partnerships with organisations in the refugee sector
  • implementing our commitment to participatory, gender and diversity-sensitive rights-based research
  • fostering deeper collaboration across the different research areas
  • showcasing the diversity of innovative work undertaken at UNSW, and
  • building on and extending industry and academic partnerships.

UNSW now offers the Sanctuary Scholarship for People Seeking Asylum and Refugees with Temporary Protection and the Welcome Scholarship for Students from Refugee Backgrounds. Please direct any questions about these scholarships to the UNSW Scholarships team at

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