Dr Sally Baker

Dr Sally Baker

Senior Lecturer


MRes (Education)

MA, Applied Linguistics

PGCE (Post-Compulsory)


Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Education

Sally Baker is a Senior Lecturer of Language and Literacies in the School of Education. She is the Education focal point in the Forced Migration Research Network (FMRN@UNSW) and is the Chair of the Refugee Education Special Interest Group (http://refugee-education.org).

Sally's research explores issues of equity in higher education, with her research and advocacy interests including refugee education higher education equity and language policy, the educational experiences of students from culturally and linguistically diverse migrant and refugee (CALDMR) backgrounds, academic language and literacies (ALL), transitions, methodological + ethical issues with research in 'fragile contexts', and qualitative longitudinal research.



G30 Morven Brown
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  • Reports | 2022
    2022, COVID-19 online learning landscapes and CALDMR students: Opportunities and challenges, National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, Perth, https://www.ncsehe.edu.au/publications/covid-19-online-learning-caldmr-students/
    Reports | 2022
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    Reports | 2019
    2019, Australian OUR forum (Project Eucalyptus) Collaborate, Create & Change: Post-Forum Report, https://apo.org.au/node/222161
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    Conference Papers | 2015
    Baker S; Irwin E, 2015, 'Students’ reading and writing ‘in transition’: what lessons can be learnt from a case study of A-levels to university transitions to help enabling educators to ‘bridge the gap’ into undergraduate study?', in Nelson K; Field R (ed.), UniSTARS 2015: Students Transitions Achievement Retention & Success, UniSTARS 2015: Students Transitions Achievement Retention & Success, Melbourne, pp. 1 - 11, presented at UniSTARS 2015: Students Transitions Achievement Retention & Success, Melbourne, 01 July 2015 - 04 July 2015, http://unistars.org/papers/STARS2015.pdf
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Recent grants

  • (2021) NSW Department of Education: NSW Equity Consortium: Imagined Futures (a whole-of-cohort outreach program with Years 7–10 including post-school transition)

  • (2020) National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education: University responses to enhancing equity in the post-Covid landscape (CI: Mary Teague, UNSW + UTS, WSU, MQ)

  • (2020) National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education: COVID-19 Online Learning Landscapes and CALDMR students: Opportunities and Challenges (CI: Sally Baker, UNSW + ACU, CQU, Curtin, Deakin, MQ, UAdelaide, VU, UQ, UON, WSU)

  • (2019) National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education: Careers guidance for CALDM/R students (CI: Alex Newman, Deakin + UNSW, UAdelaide)

  • Invited speaker in ‘Futuring Education for a Changing World: Challenges, Innovation and Opportunities’ panel at the inaugural Refugee Alternatives conference at UNSW (http://www.refugeealternatives.org.au), February 23 2017. 


  • Recipient of Visiting Fellowship at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (funded by the South African National Research Foundation): February 2017: As recognition of my expertise in the areas of academic literacies, equity and alternative entry education, I was invited to be a visiting researcher at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa in February 2017. This visit was funded by a National Research Foundation (South Africa) ‘Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration Programme’ grant for the purpose of vising the Fundani Centre for Higher Education and working with Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) teachers. During this visit, I drew on my experiences of English language teaching to develop a workshop for ECP teachers on issues related to transition and academic literacies, and suggest pedagogical practices and strategies to help foreground language, reading and writing in their classes.


  • Selected Featured Symposium to represent the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) conference, 5-7 September in Brighton, UK. Baker, S.; Irwin, E.; Ramsay, G.; Fagan, S.; Taiwo, M.; Gower, S. (2017). Researching pathways into higher education with students from refugee backgrounds: Exploring the conceptual, methodological and ethical challenges.

Sally's current projects include:

  • Chief investigator on a project exploring parents' expectations and aspirations for their children's futures in low-resourced and multilingual areas of Sydney
  • Chief investigator on a project exploring oracy and equity in Australian high schools
  • Chief investigator on a National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE)-funded project, titled COVID-19 Online Learning Landscapes and CALDMR students: Opportunities and Challenges (2020-2021)
  • Lead researcher on a National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE)-funded project, titled University responses to enhancing equity in the post-Covid landscape
  • Chief investigator on a project examining HyFlex teaching and learning and the impact on equity and student engagement
  • Collaborator on the Australian Refugee Integration Research Database (ARRID), with Social Equity Institute at University of Melbourne
  • A book project, asking whether universities are caring institutions


Forced Migration Research Network, UNSW

Kaldor Centre Emerging Scholars Network, UNSW

Chair of the Refugee Education Special Interest Group

My Research Supervision


  • Anna Xavier (Joint-primary): Breaking Barriers or Building Walls? The English Language and Literacy Support for Refugee-Background Students in Regional-Metropolitan NSW: A Collective Case Study of Three Public High Schools
  • Carla Guedes (Joint-primary): Exploring the Pedagogy of Discomfort through Dadirri in Australian higher education: A study that enhances the knowledge of non-Indigenous educators to better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ learning
  • Felipe Balotin-Pinto (Joint-primary): Discursive constructions of academic oracy in higher education
  • Tierney Marey (Joint-primary): Embodied Labour: Equity Work in Higher Education
  • Muhammad Zeeshan (Joint): How is English ideologically constructed through the discourses and practices at a private English language institute in a Pakistani context?
  • Arwa AL Thobaiti (Joint): The Spread of English in Saudi Arabia: A Study of Taif University Students’ Attitudes and Language Use
  • Junjun Muhamad Ramdani (Secondary): Language teachers’ professional development in technology-enhanced task-based language teaching (TBLT)
  • Ching Ting Tany Kwee (Secondary): Career Progression of Immigrant Teachers in Australia: A Phenomenological Study of their Decisions and Actions under Social Cognitive Career Theory


  • Michelle Halliday: How did participants in an Aboriginal adult literacy program, in Campbelltown, perceive socio-affective impacts on their lives?
  • Samah Shda: Refugee Access to Higher Education: Bridging the Gap between Settlement Services and Universities


  • Dr Lisa Gilanyi (Secondary; 2020): Transnational sojourners' investment in learning English: a multi case study of partners of international students in Australia
  • Tracey Donahue (Joint-primary; 2021: pending examiner reports): Facilitating desire through education in protracted urban transitory displacement: A collaborative approach to spontaneous teachers’ language teacher identity formation

My Teaching

Currently teaching

  • EDST5454 - Developing Literacies
  • EDST5139 - Language, Literacy and Numeracy
  • EDST5131 - Oracy across the Curriculum