Dr Maree   Higgins
Senior Lecturer

Dr Maree Higgins

Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work), ACU National

Bachelor of Social Work (Hons First Class), UNSW

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Social Sciences

Maree Higgins is Senior Lecturer in Social Work, School of Social Sciences. She is an Associate of the Australian Institute of Human Rights and is affiliated with the Forced Migration Research Network, the Kaldor Centre and the Gendered Violence Research Network. She is a respected interdisciplinary researcher focussing on participatory methods and human rights informed research with refugee-background co-researchers, people of African descent, older people, people with disability, and people in forensic justice. Her scholarship centres on how co-research can safely and ethically illuminate lived experience, promote inclusion, and create meaningful social change. Drawing on her extensive social work practice experience, Maree’s aim is to tackle issues like racism, ablism, marginalisation and exclusion through her research.

+61 (2) 9065 6318
158 Morven Brown


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    Dr Maree Higgins
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    Dr Maree Higgins
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    Journal articles | 2020
    Dr Maree Higgins
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    Dr Maree Higgins
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    Dr Maree Higgins
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Baldry, E., Evans, P., Newton, BJ, Higgins, M., Trotter, C., & Sheehan, R., Missing girls: from childhood runaway to criminalised woman (2019) Total Grant Awarded: $5,000

Lenette, C., Banks, S., Milne, EJ, Nunn, C., Higgins, M., Atem, A., & Nguyen, D., (2019) Ethics and community-based participatory research in refugee studies: Co-designing a framework with refugee-background co-researchers (2019) Total Grant Awarded: $5,000

Sole: WIL Futures. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW (2019) Total Grant Awarded: $10,000

Ravulo, Fox, Higgins, Blakemore: NUW Alliance Community Hub (NUWACH). Newcastle, UNSW and Wollongong University Scheme (2018) Total Grant Awarded: $1,500