Honours at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture is your opportunity to generate new knowledge and understanding for current and future generations. Our programs are for those of you who are curious, creative, analytical and, above all, passionate about an area of study.

Program structure

Honours programs are one year, full-time advanced undergraduate degrees for high achieving students. They are offered as separate, stand-alone programs of 48 units of credit. These programs allow you to connect your undergraduate study with the opportunity to embark on a significant independent research project and advanced coursework study. 

A pathway to further research

An honours year will advance your analytical and research skills, deepen your knowledge of your discipline area, and allow you to find solutions to complex social and global problems with intellectual independence. It's your pathway into a graduate research degree, including a Masters by Research or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

  • Admission to honours is subject to approval from the Head of School and the availability of appropriate supervision. Candidates should, therefore, note that the minimum qualifications for entry to the various plans will not guarantee automatic admission.

    Internal UNSW applicants

    Single degree programs

    If you’re in a single degree program you must graduate from your bachelor degree before enrolling in the one-year honours program.

    Double degrees

    If you’re in a double degree program (for example, Music/Arts), you may enrol in the honours program prior to completing the requirements for the double degree program. To do so, you must have completed 144 units of credit, including all requirements for the relevant degree.

    All applicants

    Students must have completed the relevant UNSW undergraduate degree program for their honours program of interest or equivalent recognised Level 7 qualification at another institution with a major in a stream offered in the program.

    Entry to honours requires a weighted average mark (WAM) of 70 or higher – or equivalent – in the stream(s) seeking to be further studied.

  • Step 1

    Contact the Honours Convenor in the relevant school to discuss your eligibility, research topic and honours program options.

    Step 2

    All applications (current UNSW students and external) are to submit an online application.

  • The honours mark for the awarding of the class of honours is based on all components of the program. It will be determined from the student’s weighted average mark for all of the courses (coursework and thesis/research project).

    Honours classes will be awarded based on the student’s WAM, which will be calculated to two decimal places and will not be rounded up or down. Students must achieve the minimum cut-off in the following classes in order to be eligible:

    • Class 1: WAM of 85 and above
    • Class 2 Division 1: WAM of 75 to 84
    • Class 2 Division 2: WAM of 65 to 74
    • Class 3: WAM of 50 to 64

    Where a student fails a course that they later repeat, the fail grade will count toward their program WAM, however only the pass grade will be used in the calculation of an Honours score based on specific course results.

    University Medal

    An honours student may be nominated for a University Medal in line with the University Medal Policy (PDF) and Procedures (PDF).