Faculty Leadership Team

Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture brings together a leadership team as diverse as the faculty itself. Together, we are equipped with the expertise, creativity and problem-solving skills required to tackle society’s most pressing problems relating to people, place and cultures. 

Executive Team


Catherine Rowe

Deputy Faculty Executive Director

Morgan Sutton

Education Innovation & Excellence Manager

Vanessa Traynor

Research Innovation Manager

Anthony Ward

Student Innovation Opportunities Manager

José Da Silva

Director, UNSW Galleries

Melody Framp

Change Manager

Business Partners

Paul Jackson

Business Partner (Finance)

Nancy Frilay

Business Partner (HR)

Alex Symonds

Business Partner (IT)

Melinda Holcombe

Business Partner (External Engagement)

Marie Caccamo

Business Partner (Future Students)

Douglas McKeough

Business Partner (Student Services)

Cath Stander

Business Partner (Estate Management)

Jacqueline White

Business Partner (Knowledge Exchange)

Kate Meyers

Business Partner (Philanthropy/Development)