David Cami

David Cami

Faculty Executive Director
Arts,Design & Architecture
ADA Faculty Administration

David Cami is the Faculty Executive Director at UNSW ADA, and leads the business side of the faculty, contributing to the strategic and operational management. He is responsible for overseeing the management of plans and processes to deliver operational services to the faculty to ensure it meets its academic, research, teaching, and learning outcomes.

David's leadership style is very much people centred. He encourages staff to extend themselves beyond their day-to-day responsibilities, empowering them to grow in their roles realising that often the most powerful learning, and thereby growth, happens when we overcome mistakes. David is approachable and supportive, leading a workplace that values the importance of work-life balance.

David has been working in university and corporate management in Europe and Australia for nearly twenty years. Throughout his career, he has implemented change and lean management in a variety of settings and organisations. David holds a Bachelor in Social Sciences, Education and a Master of Business Administration.

Key areas within his portfolio include:

  • business and commercial management
  • strategic financial planning
  • operational and change management
  • strategic procurement
  • future student recruitment
  • development, external engagement, and philanthropy
  • estate management and information technology
  • environmental sustainability
  • risk management and frameworks. 
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