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Visualisation Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre UNSW Art&Design, Paddington. Associate Professor Tomasz Bednarz and his team at the centre. Photography by Quentin Jones. 25 July 2018.

Welcome from the Dean

We’re a community of students, academics and professionals from across the world and from all backgrounds and cultures. Our connection is our creative and inquisitive minds and a commitment to working together to tackle society’s most pressing problems relating to people, place and cultures.

The most effective solutions to the big challenges facing the world will come from diverse teams who think about problems from all possible angles. This is why we work inclusively and collaboratively within the faculty, across UNSW and with our local and international partners.

The research we do and the education we offer impacts local and global debate and practice on the most urgent human problems. Whether it’s responding to the planet’s climate emergency, addressing mental ill-health, anxiety and trauma, or responding quickly and effectively to pandemics, we’re ready for the challenge.

We’d love you to join us.

Professor Claire Annesley 
Dean, UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture 

Our faculty has six schools and six research centres and institutes including three prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureates. 

Our academics are educating the next generation of problem-solvers who are curious, full of creative confidence, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to seize every opportunity and navigate any challenge that comes their way. 

We bring together the diverse perspectives of students, staff and external partners to solve the big issues of the day. 

Innovation Hub

Established in 2021, the Arts, Design & Architecture Innovation Hub brings together our unique mix of expert knowledge from across six schools, six research centres, multiple labs, studios and galleries. Our students, staff and partners listen and share knowledge to solve problems, respond to opportunities and facilitate positive change.  

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