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Elevate your expertise in fields like psychology, workplace health and safety, risk management and beyond. Our meticulously crafted short courses are tailored to empower you, offering the flexibility to work and study simultaneously. Enhance your skill set and advance your career with our flexible course structures. Join us on the path to growth and success.

Managing Psychosocial Risks at Work

In this course you'll develop your understanding of psychosocial risks and how to address them in your workplace. You’ll gain confidence in this emerging field, helping you meet your due diligence requirements given recent changes to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulation and international safety management standards.

Taught by UNSW academic experts, this course will ensure that you understand how psychosocial hazards present at work, recognise the regulatory environment and approaches to these risks, and develop confidence in work re-design to address these hazards in your workplace.