We are proud to be the first University in Australia to symbolically commit to define and measure the collective impact of science on the world. But we can’t do it alone.

We welcome collaboration with academics, government, corporate organisations and industry groups to help solve our shared challenge of being able to define and measure the tangible impact of science. Being a UNSW pact partner means you and/or your organisation is symbolically committed to showing your support for making and measuring the positive impact of science, alongside UNSW Science. There are no financial or legal contracts involved.

Why become a Pact Partner?

Become a UNSW pact partner to pledge your support for making and measuring the positive impact of science on your community, organisation or industry. Together, we will define our impact and give it real-world meaning.

As a pact partner, you will:

  1. Highlight your commitment to the advancement of scientific understanding.
  2. Play a key role in communicating the importance of making an impact through science.
  3. Demonstrate to your network of clients, customers and employees that you and your organisation are committed to making a tangible impact through science to our world.
  4. Align with some of Australia’s leading organisations and peak bodies to address important global challenges.
  5. Showcase your positive impact stories and elevate community appreciation for your contributions to the world we live in.

While we certainly welcome and encourage your public support, there are no mandatory requirements to promote your involvement as a UNSW pact partner.

About Pact for Impact

Find out more about how we bring collaboration to life to inspire the collective impact of science on the world.

Our impact

UNSW Science is proud to make a meaningful difference in society. Read more about how our collaboration with partners captures the essence of the Pact for Impact.

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Pact Partners

Thank you to our Pact Partners that have joined us on our mission to make, measure and communicate the impact of science on everyday people and our planet.

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