Student societies

Student societies are a great way to connect with other students, work on exciting projects, develop industry networks and have fun.

Science Outreach Team

If you’re new to UNSW or looking at diving into something different, have a look at our UNSW Science student societies. Getting involved beyond your lab and lecture theatre is a great way to meet people and make the most of university life.   

We’ve got a packed program with free events, parties, road trips and career expos. Our societies can also help you access industry internships and international study opportunities. Check out our societies - run by science students, for science students.   

Data Science Society (DataSoc)

Uniting mathematicians, econometricians and computer scientists, UNSW Datasoc seeks to empower our members with the knowledge and skills of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
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Students of Materials Science & Engineering (MatSOC) 

MatSOC provides help and mentoring to all students of materials science and engineering and encourages students to socialise together, through MatSOC and joint events with other societies.
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Mathematics Society (MathsSoc)

MathsSoc enhances a sense of community and informs students of maths-related opportunities in their studies. You’ll find support and new ways to explore your passion for mathematics.
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Oceanic and Atmospheric Systems Integrated Society (OASIS)

Oasis is a society for all degrees and interests relating to the oceans and atmosphere. OASIS aims to form a community for interested students, connecting you to opportunities and enriching your university experience.
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Psychology Society (PsychSOC)

PsychSoc aims to help and support students studying psychology and build relationships across UNSW, growing academically, socially and professionally.
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Physics Society (PhySOC)

PhySoc is the physics student society at the UNSW run by UNSW Arc. We hope to enrich our physics community by bringing like-minded people together with opportunities to engage with industry.
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Students of Chemistry Society (SOCS)

SOCS caters for all students of chemistry, from first year through to final year PhD. Students with chemistry as their major are automatically members and are encouraged to come along to our events.
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UNSW Medical Science Society (MedSciSoc)

MedSciSoc is for students associated with the School of Medical Science from degrees across the UNSW cohort. We provide networking opportunities between students and biomedical professionals, as well as a sense of community amongst students by organising career, academic, and social events.
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With over 300 clubs to choose from, you’ll discover even more experiences with our UNSW student life organisation – ARC. And if you can’t find a club to suit, we’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to start your own.
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Bluesat UNSW

Bluesat runs student-led space projects including a nanosatellite ground station, an analogue astronaut user interface and high-altitude ballooning with a focus on research and real-world value.
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