Our schools

Eight schools exploring the foundations of science and pushing the frontiers of research.

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Our eight UNSW Science schools are home to world-leading academics and globally recognised research centres and institutes. Our students benefit from this collective expertise, receiving best practice education methods in a campus environment that is both engaging and stimulating.

As a student, you’ll gain the crucial skills and knowledge to prepare you for your future career, learning from some of the world leaders across a broad range of scientific subject areas. You can choose to study from 16 undergraduate degrees and a wide range of postgraduate degrees. We also offer bridging courses, honours degrees and postgraduate research options.


Australia’s only standalone university aviation school combines leading research, world-class facilities and practical teaching to create graduates ready to take on global opportunities within the sector.
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Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences (BABS)

One of the largest and most prestigious schools of scientific research and teaching in Australia, covering genomics and bioinformatics, microbiology and microbiomes, and molecular and cell biology.
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Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences (BEES)

The national voice for the natural world: from microbes to whales, from mountaintops to ocean depths, we explore the biological and the physical.
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Our school is a leading centre for both teaching and research excellence in chemistry in Australia – developing cutting-edge knowledge to solve real-world problems.
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Materials Science & Engineering

One of Australia’s top-ranked materials schools, where students benefit from the many opportunities offered via our deep industry connections and world-class facilities.
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Mathematics & Statistics

Boasting an unusually high level of international collaboration, our school’s programs cover a wide spectrum of courses in pure and applied mathematics, and statistics.
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One of the leading physics departments in Australia. Our teaching and research staff are at the forefront of exploration, training the next generation of physicists within a strong research culture.
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Our school offers one of the most interesting and challenging areas of scientific enquiry, covering a diverse range of topics from social behaviour to the causes and treatment of psychological disorders.
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