Opportunities for research

Chemistry Labs

UNSW Science provides students with numerous opportunities to encourage educational excellence in their chosen field of study. Students can participate in a variety of competitions and apply for several scholarships that will support their journey at UNSW Science. 

Summer Vacation Research Scholarship

The Summer Vacation Research Scholarship exposes highly talented undergraduate students, enrolled in science or a related discipline, to scientific research and other science-based experiences. The scholarship is offered to undergraduate students who are considering postgraduate research in the future.

Postgraduate research degrees

UNSW Science is renowned for the quality of our facilities, networks and research centres. We create exceptional career development opportunities for postgraduate students. UNSW Science PhD or Masters by Research students are part of an outstanding community of scholars and practitioners.

Science PhD Scholarship

The UNSW Science PhD Scholarships are designed to support science doctoral candidates to focus on the preparation of journal articles or other non-traditional outputs. We support science doctoral candidates during the three-month period between the submission of their thesis and receiving the examiners’ reports.

Science PhD Maternity Scholarship

The Science PhD Maternity Scholarship supports female PhD research students who suspend their enrolment for a period to have a child. A scholarship is worth up to $5,000 depending on each student’s individual circumstances. At UNSW, we aim to support women in research by bridging the gap and offering financial support during maternity leave.