Our research

Three students one looking through a microscope

The School of BABS is a powerhouse of biomolecular research. At any point in time, BABS is training more than 150 Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students and employing 35 academics, more than 20 research associates and 15 professional and technical staff. BABS consistently attracts government and industry funding, and top-tier academic accolades. Our achievements in technology development are underpinned by excellence in fundamental research.

The school is particularly proud of its productivity in terms of publications in both fundamental and applied science. Staff and students publish their work in international journals with high impact factors and visibility within their respective fields. Underpinning this, BABS runs an annual research seminar program, hosting high-profile presenters drawn from a wide range of science disciplines and institutions both here in Australia as well as overseas.

We are committed to high quality research training and employ a large number of postdoctoral researchers on a wide variety of grants and research projects. Another important group for BABS is our postgraduate students, the next generation of researchers, with HDR student numbers growing substantially in recent years.

Our facilities & services

In addition, BABS is home to a number of groups that conduct cutting-edge research and provide specialist services in their respective fields. Research is also greatly facilitated by the presence of a number of discrete research facilities.