Every organism on the planet intimately associates with microbes – tiny forms of life beyond the naked eye that surround us. These micro-organisms have evolved to survive within a range of conditions and affect the environment in which they grow. 

At UNSW Biotechnology & Biomolecular Sciences, understanding the role of microbes in the environment is more significant than ever. To develop a better understanding of ecology and evolution, it is critical for us to study the adaptability of micro-organisms, their responses to ecosystem change and the composition of microbial communities on the planet.

Our research goals of improving microbial literacy in education and society, supplement our understanding of microbes. At UNSW, we want people to incorporate the microbial world into their daily thinking so they can make better lifestyle choices and informed decisions.

We engage in field-based projects and are driven to use environmental genomics. Our hypothesis-driven science helps us answer the important biological questions. This includes the call to action for global connectivity and engagement in climate change, biomediation and sustainability.

Decisions based on knowledge about microbial life have the potential to avert major global disasters and environmental changes.

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