Through knowledge exchange, collaboration and advocacy, our BABS Seminar Series will educate and empower audiences to improve lives and create real change.

BABS Seminar Series 2022

Date Time Speaker Category Website  
Jul-22 4.00pm Daniel Fazakerley, University of Cambridge External speaker, Online meeting, 4pm AEST/7am BST Daniel Fazakerley - Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science (  
Jul-29 3.00pm Azul Pinochet Barros External speaker, visiting postdoc Baker Lab    
Aug-05 3.00pm Brenda Gutierez Chavez PhD student seminar, Online meeting  
Aug-09 3.00pm Dr Adam Ritchie External speaker, Hybrid meeting    
(Thursday) 11 August 3.00pm Nicholas Taylor,Univ. of Copenhagen External speaker (in person), Hybrid meeting  
Aug-19 3.00pm Debnath Ghosal, University of Melbourne (Bio21) External speaker (in person)  
Aug-26 3.00pm Dr John Mattick book launch TBA    
Sep-02 3.00pm Greg Neely, University of Sydney External speaker, Hybrid meeting Neely Lab  
Sep-16 3.00pm Mathias Francois External speaker, Online meeting    
Sep-23 3.00pm Emily Vohralik PhD student seminar, Online meeting  
Sep-30 3.00pm Joshua Johansen, RIKEN, Japan External speaker, Online meeting  
Oct-07 3.00pm Christine Chaffer External speaker, Hybrid meeting    
Oct-14 3.00pm Carl Walkley, Univ. of Melbourne External speaker, Online meeting  
Oct-21 3.00pm Traude Beilharz External speaker. In person meeting    
Oct-28 3.00pm Marina Pajic, Garvan Institute External speaker, Hybrid meeting A/Prof Marina Pajic | Garvan Institute of Medical Research  
Nov-04 3.00pm Hudson Coates, Winton Wu PhD student seminar  
Nov-11 3.00pm Liam Cheney, Nicole Green PhD student seminar    
Nov-18 3.00pm Alex Loukas External speaker, Hybrid meeting Alex Loukas (  
Nov-25 3.00pm John Lock External speaker, Head of the Cancer Systems Microscopy lab SoMS, UNSW (Host: Fatemeh Vafaee)  
Dec-02 3.00pm Hiroki Suyama, Sing-Young Chen PhD student seminar  
Dec-09 3.00pm Sean Humphrey, University of Sydney External speaker, Hybrid meeting Sean Humphrey, PhD, Team Leader — METABOLIC CYBERNETICS (  
Dec-16 3.00pm Sophie Trefely, Babraham Institute External speaker, Hybrid meeting (visiting Oz so might be able to do in person) Sophie Trefely | Babraham Institute