Microbiology & microbiomes

Microbes are invisible companions that intertwine our biology and support our biological and geological systems.

Photograph of students using microscope

Intertwining our biology and supporting our biological and geological systems, microbes are big players in infectious diseases but are also fundamental to producing nutrients for plants to grow and the dynamic transformation of matter.  

The benefits of microbes

As microbiologists, current and aspiring, we have an obligation to educate the public and government about the beneficial properties of microbes. The microbiologists’ warning to humanity addresses the steps required to harness their capabilities and achieve a sustainable future. 

UNSW Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences aims to unravel the mechanisms behind these ubiquitous microbes and their vital function in every life process. Our research in microbiology and microbiomes explores the importance of microbes in the environment and microbial contributions to health and disease.  

Our students are encouraged to use their critical and analytical aptitude and exercise a range of genomic tools to address global topics such as archaea, climate change and food production.  

Unveiling the secrets of the microbial world

Driven by improvements in technology and the imaginations of our researchers, we aspire to unravel the many secrets of the microbial world.

Research strengths

Microbes in health and disease

Our research group brings together a wide range of internationally recognised research expertise to investigate the microbial community.
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Microbes in the environment

Our research goals concern the importance of improving microbial literacy in education and society, with better resources at hand.
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