Genomics and bioinformatics

Study cells on a mass scale.


What is genomics and bioinformatics? 

Genomics and bioinformatics is an invaluable hybrid of science, concerning the structure and function of genomes and the use of computational technology to capture and interpret biological data. While scientists previously focused on singular cells, the enormous development in bioinformatics over the past decade has enabled us to study cells on a mass scale.

Cutting-edge computational biology

We are focused on enabling medical breakthroughs and clinical application with our access to cutting-edge computational biology. UNSW Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences houses the Ramaciotti Centre, the largest and most comprehensive genomics facility at any Australian university with an extensive suite of bioinformatics tools and next generation sequencing. 

A key leader of genomic data

Through shared knowledge and collaboration, we strive to process and extract meaningful results from our datasets and disseminate new discoveries and approaches to healthcare, therapy and drug discovery. With further contributions to the infrastructure, Australia will be positioned as one of the key leaders and major beneficiaries of genomic data and research in the world. 

Research strengths

UNSW Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences seeks to support forward-thinking research by focusing on the key areas of gene regulationsystems biology and neurogenomics; specifically, the study of human disease, gene expression, proteomics, biological systems and their functions, and neurobiology from a genomic perspective. 

Gene regulation

Research in gene regulation looks at the variety of mechanisms that cells use to turn genes on or off, such as chemical modifications and regulatory proteins.

Systems biology

Systems biology is a multi-disciplinary study of genes and proteins as a series of interconnected networks and pathways.


Research in neurogenomics endeavours to advance the development of personalised medicine and neuroprotective therapies that can slow or stop psychological and neurological disorders.