Staff directory

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  • Name Title Role
    Michael Bowen Mr School Manager
    Jason Sercombe Mr Technical Laboratory Manager
    Tim Nguyen Mr HSE Advisor
    Max Reinold Mr Senior Technical Officer
    Kylie Jones Ms Project Officer - HDR/PG & Director of Research Admin Officer 
    Julna Zhao Ms Teaching Support Admin Officer
    Liam Ruz Mr Business Improvement Officer - EA to the HoS
    Kate Roberts Dr Technical Officer
    Grace Yan Dr Technical Officer
    Zakia Syeda Mrs Technical Officer
    Nihan Turgutoglu Ms Technical Assistant
    Tahsin Khan Mr Technical Assistant
    Kazi Mohammad Zillur Rahman Mr Technical Officer
    Anna Roniotis Ms Technical Assistant
  • Name Title Role
    Abhishek Vijayan Mr Research Associate
    Alvaro Gonzalez Rajal Dr Senior Research Associate
    Andrei Smolnikov Mr Research Assistant
    Andrew Brown Prof Professor
    Angelique Ray Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Anne Galea A/Prof Director of the Nexus Program
    Armella Zadoorian Ms Postdoctoral Fellow
    Artur Sawicki Dr Research Associate
    Belinda Ferrari Prof Professor & Associate Dean Research
    Billi Ilkovski Dr Research Officer
    Brendan Burns A/Prof Associate Professor & Honours Coordinator
    Brenna Osborne  Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Calum Vancuylenburg Mr Research Assistant
    Catherine Li Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Cecile King A/Prof Associate Professor
    Chris Marquis A/Prof Associate Professor & Academic Director of the Recombinant Products Facility 
    Daniel Mediati Dr Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    Dhanushi Abeygunawardena Dr Lecturer - Education Focussed
    Dominic Glover Dr Senior Lecturer
    Dougall Norris Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Ellen Olzomer Miss Research Officer
    Emily Oates Dr Senior Lecturer
    Emily Wong A/Prof Associate Professor
    Fang Liu Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Fatemeh Vafaee A/Prof Associate Professor
    Forrest Koch Mr Research Officer
    Frances Byrne Dr Senior Lecturer
    Francis Lin Mr Research Assistant
    Gabriela Santos Rodriguez Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Gavin Sutton Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Gee Chong Ling Dr Lecturer - Education Focussed
    Guang Yang Dr Senior Research Associate
    Hannah Danon Miss Research Assistant
    Henry Bell Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Irina Voineagu Prof Professor
    Jacob Scadden Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Jai Tree A/Prof Associate Professor
    Joel Brame Dr Associate Lecturer - Education Focussed
    John Mattick Prof
    Joshua Hamey Dr Lecturer
    Kate Quinlan Prof Deputy Head of School & Director of Research
    Kieran Walsh Mr Bioinformatician
    Kyle Hoehn Prof Professor
    Lana Ly Dr Associate Lecturer - Education Focussed
    Laura Sharpe Dr Research Associate
    Li Zhang A/Prof Associate Professor
    Louise Lutze-Mann Prof Professor - Education Focussed
    Madhuri Hande Mrs Postdoctoral Fellow
    Manan Shah Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Marc Wilkins Prof Deputy Dean (Research and Enterprise)
    Mark Tanaka Prof Professor
    Martin Smith A/Prof Director, Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics
    Martina Beretta Dr Postdoc. Research Associate
    Matthew Baker A/Prof Associate Professor
    Megan Lenardon Dr Senior Lecturer
    Michael Janitz Dr Senior Lecturer
    Michael Payne Dr Research Associate
    Michaela Yuen Dr Senior Research Associate
    Mitchell Cummins Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Natalia Castano Rodriguez A/Prof Associate Professor
    Nicholas Lister Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Nicole Benaud Dr Research Associate
    Nicole Green Dr Research Associate
    Nirmani Wijenayake Dr Deputy Head of School & Director of Teaching
    Ofri Einav Miss Research Assistant
    Pantea Pooladvand Ms Research Associate
    Paul Waters A/Prof Associate Professor
    Peter White Prof Professor
    Pietro Ridone Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Rebecca LeBard A/Prof Associate Professor
    Renan Almeida Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Rob (Hongyuan) Yang Prof Professor
    Robert Weatheritt A/Prof Senior Research Fellow
    Robin Du Dr Senior Research Associate
    Ruiting Lan Prof Professor
    Ryan Keable Mr Research Associate
    Ryan Salinas Dr Associate Lecturer - Education Focussed
    Samantha Owens Dr Postdoc. Research Associate
    Samuel Bagot Mr Research Assistant
    Sandeep Kaur Dr Postdoctoral Research Assoc
    Sarah Bajan  Dr Lecturer 
    Selene Fernandez Valverde Dr Senior Lecturer
    Shane Grey Prof Professor & Head of School
    Tatyana Chtanova A/Prof Associate Professor
    Teagan Mock Dr Lecturer - Education Focussed
    Vladimir Sytnyk A/Prof Associate Professor
    Winton Wu Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Xabier Vazquez Campos Dr Senior Research Associate
    Xin Jiang Dr Senior Research Associate
  • Name Role
    Adrian Stewart Honorary Professor
    Alamgir Khan Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Alison Todd Adjunct Professor
    Andrew Collins Honorary Associate Professor
    Artur Wlodarczyk Adjunct Lecturer
    Brett Neilan Adjunct Professor
    Connor O'Meara Adjunct Associate Lecturer
    Daniel Winter Adjunct Associate Lecturer
    Dominik Kopp Adjunct Lecturer
    Elisa Mokany Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Elizabeth Fletcher Adjunct Associate Lecturer
    Gene Hart-Smith Adjunct Lecturer
    Haluk Ertan Honorary Professor
    Hon Lun Wong Visiting Fellow
    Ian Dawes Emeritus Professor
    Irene Moroni Adjunct Lecturer
    James Brown Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    James Lawson Emeritus Professor
    Janet Newman Adjunct Professor
    Jeremy Henson Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Kate Michie Adjunct Lecturer
    Kevin Morris Adjunct Professor
    Laurence Luu Adjunct Associate Lecturer
    Lisa Selbie Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Marcel Dinger Adjunct Professor
    Mark Van Asten Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Mathew Traini Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Nieng Yan Visiting Professorial Fellow
    Noel Whitaker Honorary Associate Professor
    Owen Siggs Adjunct Professor
    Ozren Bogdanovic Honorary Associate Professor
    Parisa Asvadi Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Peter Gray Emeritus Professor
    Peter Karuso Adjunct Professor
    Peter Rogers Emeritus Professor
    Phillip Kearney Adjunct Associate Professor
    Rebecca Vink Conjoint Associate Lecturer
    Ricardo Cavicchioli Honorary Professor
    Richard Edwards Adjunct Associate Professor
    Samantha Romanous Adjunct Lecturer
    Sean O'Donoghue Conjoint Professor
    Seid Miad Zandavi Adjunct Lecturer
    Sophie Octavia Adjunct Lecturer
    Tatyana Chtanova Conjoint Senior Lecturer
    Thomas Peat Adjunct Professor
    Tomas Andersen Adjunct Lecturer
    Tony Hazbun Visiting Senior Fellow 
    Vincent Murray Honorary Associate Professor
    Wallace Bridge Honorary Associate Professor
    Wendy Glenn Visiting Fellow