Biomedical AI Laboratory (Vafaee Lab)

Empowering healthcare with artificial intelligence and data science

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About us

The digitisation of medicine is revolutionising healthcare and well-being, with artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront. AI technologies are overcoming challenges such as high dimensionality, multi-modality, noise, and bias, leveraging the vast influx of digital health data from sources like gene sequencing, medical imaging, clinical records, and sensor data. 

The Biomedical AI Laboratory is a multidisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to developing sophisticated AI solutions in collaboration with industry and health organisations. Its work encompasses disease diagnosis, drug discovery, single-cell genomics, and therapeutic intervention prediction. The laboratory’s work emphasises accuracy, reproducibility, trust, and equity. The team's efforts have led to significant translational achievements, moving technologies from proof-of-concept to market readiness.


A multidisciplinary team collaborating with health organizations, research groups, and industry partners nationally and internationally to drive positive societal impact.


Collaborative AI research to advance biomedical frontiers from disease diagnosis and drug discovery to single-cell multi-omics, with a commitment to precision, reproducibility, interpretability, and trust.


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