The School of BABS is committed to improving Indigenous education opportunities and recognises that there may be impediments – financial or otherwise – that restrict Indigenous students from pursuing research avenues in science. As part of the university’s overall strategy, the school is dedicated to increasing the number of Indigenous students participating in higher education. We believe an increase in the engagement of non-Indigenous staff and students with Indigenous knowledge and culture will be of substantial benefit to the school at social, environmental, and educational levels.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to undertake honours in a school that fosters equity and diversity, with a real opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives through discoveries and sharing knowledge. The school is aware that Indigenous students bring their own rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Undertaking honours in the school will afford students the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from others, return to their communities and continue on a career path richer for the experience. Students will gain tangible rewards in the form of improved research and teaching practices benefiting Australian science.

The School of BABS offers a scholarship of $5000, and will work closely with Nura Gili, the university’s Indigenous Programs Unit, to assess applicants who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. Applicants will be assessed on academic merit and their contributions (past, present, and ongoing) to society and their community, demonstrating their values and how a scholarship would be of benefit to them, and the wider community.

For more information please contact BABS Honours Coordinator Dr Brendan Burns (

Details on the application process are on the UNSW Scholarships website.

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