PhD stories

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The School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences has been home to groundbreaking research for more than 50 years. The hundreds of honours, masters and PhD theses presented below hold this legacy. Through them, you can trace the incredible evolution of biotechnology and molecular bioscience. They are also a tribute to the curiosity, ingenuity and hard work of generations of students. While much has changed, these theses are all connected by the belief that by advancing our knowledge, we can create a better future.

Dr Cristy Gelling

“It felt really good discovering something. I had fitted in a piece of the puzzle.”

Professor David Sinclair

“My research was definitely driven by curiosity. That joy of being an explorer is the reason I still do it today.”

Dr Jacinta Flattery-O’Brien

“Like many PhD students I enjoyed being the very first in the world to notice an effect."

Dr Mukan Ji

“At first it was unbelievable, then I gradually became proud, excited and encouraged to go further.”

Dr Matt Piper

“Be aware of the rules, but don’t be completely constrained by them.”

Dr Martin Zarka

“If you can do multiple things, your chances of solving problems in the real world are much greater.”

Associate Professor Nazif Alic

“What sparked my curiosity was that organisms have a plasticity, that they can respond to things and change how they behave.”