School of BABS PhD Top-Up and Publication Scholarships

The PhD top-up and Publication Scholarship Scheme is a school-funded initiative to provide support to PhD students enrolled in BABS and to encourage students to publish their work.

The top-up comprises a $5000 lump sum payment.

The publication scholarship comprises a $2500 to $3500 lump sum payment per publication.

Full details are available here: PhD Top-Up and Publication Scholarships.

The Adrian Lee Travel Scholarship

This scholarship is a school-funded initiative to provide eligible postgraduate research students with the opportunity to undertake study, learn new techniques, collaborate or explore opportunities for collaboration with other labs, universities or research institutions.

The value of the scholarship is $6000 maximum, payable in one lump sum. The scholarship is tenable for one year only (travel must be taken in the year of award). The number of scholarships will depend on the number of applications received, the total travel cost, duration of travel and the value of the study/collaboration/learning opportunity to the student’s work and the BABS School.

The scholarship can be used for travel, reagents or project costs, accommodation and other related travel costs. The scholarship cannot be used to attend a conference (as there are other types of funding available for this purpose such as the BABS Travel Fund). Applicants must be undertaking full-time study in a BABS postgraduate research program. As limited funds are available, and to ensure that the student best represents the school and gains maximum benefit, support is not guaranteed.

For more details on how to apply consult the Guidelines and Application Form.

School of BABS PG Travel Fund

You must be enrolled in a BABS postgraduate research program, not be on course leave, and all annual progress reviews must be up to date.

Applications should be submitted a minimum of two months prior to the planned travel in order to provide adequate processing time.

You must be travelling to attend a prominent conference, and you must be presenting an abstract or a talk.

For more details on how to apply consult the Guidelines and Application Form.

UNSW Development and Research Training Grant (DRTG) Scheme

The UNSW Graduate Research School Development and Research Training Grant (DRTG) scheme provides funding to support your development and research training activities in 2022 and aims to enhance your candidature experience. 

What activities are funded? 

  • Registration fees for a virtual conference (international or domestic).
  • Registration fees for a domestic conference (subject to the latest government health advice).
  • Professional Development short courses and training opportunities.
  • Cost of childcare where it allows the candidate to attend an approved activity type.

Further details are available on the  UNSW HDR Hub.

Other scholarship opportunities

The Faculty of Science provides students with several programs and scholarships that support and encourage them to become the next generation of leading researchers and scholars in their fields. 

UNSW also provides some postgraduate scholarship opportunities that can be found at UNSW Scholarships and UNSW Postgraduate Research Scholarships.

Dean's Award for Outstanding PhD Theses

This award recognises high quality PhD theses produced at UNSW. To receive this award, candidates must produce a thesis that requires only minimal corrections, received outstanding and/or excellent levels of achievement for all examination criteria, and in the opinion of both examiners is in the top 10% of PhD theses they have examined. 

Further details about this award are available on the  UNSW HDR Hub.

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