Useful guides and information for your sustainability journey.

The PDFs below are tailored for the use of Science-based staff, students and researchers who want to help us meet the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals. They currently relate to travel and research topics, however our library of useful information is growing. For more guidance or to ask questions, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.


Recycling in research

Minimise waste with the application of reduce, reuse, recycle and recover in our research facilities.
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Sustainable procurement in research

Use our Sustainable Procurement Guide to reduce UNSW's carbon footprint.
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Water saving

Value our most precious resource. View our water saving guide.
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What is green chemistry?

Develop cleaner, safer, more efficient reactions through our Green Chemistry Guide.
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UNSW Science sustainable research and laboratories guidelines

The Faculty of Science is a leader in sustainable research practices. View our sustainability principles.
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Digital event guidelines

View our tips and general guidance on hosting a digital conference.
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Sustainable travel policy

View our key principles in the Sustainable Travel Policy as we work towards zero emissions.
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Find an SDG researcher

Find a researcher and discover how UNSW is meeting its sustainability goals.
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Kensington Campus sustainability map

Explore this map to learn more about the resources and programs on campus, including water refill and dishwashing facilities, plastic-free retailers, recycling facilities, cycling facilities and showers, rooftop solar PV systems, and total energy and water heatmaps.