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UNSW Science is a powerhouse of scientific learning and research. We're recognised internationally and locally for our role in expanding the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

UNSW Science is committed to community engagement, creating excitement about scientific research and discovery.

We engage with schools, alumni, government and the community through initiatives such as research projects, public lectures, consultancy and diversity programs.

UNSW is Australia's global university. We support innovative practices and forward-thinking internships and placements to create a welcoming community for all. We want to inspire the next generation of current and future scientists. 


UNSW's Data Science Hub (uDASH) brings together data specialists from across the University. uDASH develops the tools to translate large volumes of data into actionable insights to support your decision-making. Let us help you make sense of your data.

RNA Institute

The UNSW RNA Institute is a science, therapeutics and translational facility driving cross-disciplinary research to address global challenges in RNA chemistry, biology and medicine. In collaboration with the NSW government, industry and academic partners, the RNA Institute will drive the development of an RNA ecosystem.