Co-locate with us

Organisations co-locating and collaborating on campus

Group photo of Psylo lab

UNSW Sydney offers co-location on campus as a way to give partners closer access to talent, technology, networks and infrastructure. Our ‘entrepreneurial campus’ is designed to help your business thrive. Co-location is open to organisations of all shapes and sizes who have shared values and complementary research interests.

Benefits of co-location

  • Spark new ideas and forge long-term relationships as you work shoulder-to-shoulder with UNSW subject matter experts.
  • Tap into our extensive network of collaborating organisations, government agencies, investors, and research institutions.
  • Connect with bright new talent through our student Work Integrated Learning program.
  • Secure office space in an environment of continuous learning and experimentation.
  • Make use of our cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and the people who know how to operate them.

Successful co-locations at UNSW


An Australia-based biotech business that’s developing psychedelic-inspired medicine to treat mental illness resides in UNSW’s Chemistry Building.
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Drop Bio Health

An Australian digital health and biotechnology company, focused on measuring and tracking chronic inflammation, take up residency at UNSW’s School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences.
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Silicon Quantum Computing Pty Limited (SQC)

An Australian R&D company with the goal of making quantum computers a reality. SQC operates from new lab CQC2T’s headquarters at UNSW Sydney.
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Medlab Clinical Ltd

An Australian biotech using delivery technology to enhance medicine effectiveness.
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“The ability to collaborate with world-renowned researchers and favourable intellectual property terms are just two of the advantages we saw moving into UNSW”

Phil Hayes-St Clair, Co-founder and CEO, Drop Bio Health.



"Psylo has huge ambitions for revolutionising the way we treat mental illness. Given the scale of the challenge, collaborations are extremely important in helping us realise our goals. The access to cutting edge infrastructure, networking and promotional support, and world-class scientific talent has been fundamental in taking the company from concept to reality."

Josh Isman, Co-founder and CEO, Psylo


“Having Psylo join us on campus means that they will be doing their product development work shoulder to shoulder in the same labs as UNSW scientists that are undertaking research experiments. This environment will create relationships and future ideas that will radically increase the amount of entrepreneurial activity emerging from UNSW.”

David Burt, Director of Entrepreneurship, UNSW




“We are very grateful to the School of BABS for the opportunity to co-locate, which opens up the possibility of collaborations with cutting-edge BABS groups, including co-supervising PhD students and interns.”

Dr Jeremy Henson, Director of Research, Medlab Clinical Ltd