Creating impact

A/Prof. Li Zhang and Ms Alex Young in the lab
Aquaculture fish ponds

UNSW Science and its partners are having impact around the world. From fisheries and social change in PNG to...

...micro-recycling and manufacturing green ceramics in Nowra, NSW, Australia. Explore the breadth, depth and diversity of our impact stories here.

PNG fish farming

Professor Jes Sammut from the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences addresses the protein shortage in Papa New Guinea (PNG) through fish farming.


Rethinking waste

Pioneering recycling methods are transforming used glass and textiles into practical products.

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Drop Bio Health

Explore our research and partnership with Drop Bio Health to transform the field of inflammation and personal and preventative health.

Improving health with the help of AI

Associate Professor Fatemeh Vafaee leads a research and development team who are working on building an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to fast-track the discovery and development of new drug combinations.

Marine restoration

Based at the UNSW Sydney School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Science, Professor Adrianna Vergés works on re-balancing the seascapes of Sydney’s waters for future ecological and socio-economic success.

Online dementia tool

Learn about Professor Kaarin Anstey and the development of CogDrisk, an online 20-minute assessment for dementia risk that generates a personalised report.

Project Avatar

Project Avatar aims to improve knowledge around restoring sensation after a complete spinal cord injury, giving hope to up to half of patients with future injuries. 

Quantum technology

Read about Professor Simmon's discoveries in the field of atomic electronics and international race to develop the world’s first error-corrected quantum computer in silicon.

Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT)

SWOT is an international space mission that keeps an eye on Earth’s waters, so we can prepare for tomorrow. Learn about how the mission will help communities and industries monitor and plan for changing water resources.

Wild Deserts

In partnership with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Wild Deserts initiative aims to restore around 400 square kms of Sturt National Park’s desert ecosystem.


Alumni career stories

Learn about the rewarding careers of our alumni across the globe and their impact, breakthroughs and accomplishments in their communities and industries. 

Research impact

From environmental to materials, health and fundamental sciences, explore our research impact case studies at UNSW Science. 

Partnership stories

Watch our short case study videos to learn more about our ongoing collaborations with partners and industries.