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Engage with UNSW School of Physics. Whether you are a high school teacher or student, industry group or government, discover how you can work with us.

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At the UNSW School of Physics, we work with community, schools, government and industry to build strong, mutually advantageous relationships.


At community level, we run programs to make physics accessible, while our teaching fellowship sees high school teachers spend a year engaging with university teaching and research. Our world class researchers and PhD students contribute to innovation through partnerships with organisations and government.

Resources for senior school students

Studying physics is rewarding at all levels, from primary school right through to postgraduate levels. From galaxies to sub-atomic particles, physics is the basic science and fundamental to understanding how the world around us works.

UNSW Physics offers free resources for senior high school students to help you gain a better understanding of physics. Physclips features volumes on mechanics, sound and more, while Einsteinlight unpacks Einstein’s theory of special relativity.

Physics Outreach and Engagement Committee

The Outreach and Engagement Committee has a number of outreach initiatives, and consists of Dr Kate Jackson, Tom Dixon, Prof. Sarah Brough and Neil Lawrence. To get in touch, send us an email.

Community outreach

At the community outreach unit, we aim to raise awareness of physics and astronomy for school groups and the general public alike. No matter your background, we make learning about physics engaging and accessible. Discover the programs and experiments we run.

Industry partnerships

The School of Physics has extensive experience working with industry and government to develop solutions to research problems. We also can offer extensive scientific equipment that partners can access on joint projects or embed PhD candidates within industry settings.

Dirac Medal

The Dirac Medal for the advancement of physics is awarded jointly by UNSW and the Australian Institute of Physics, approximately annually. Nominations will be accepted for distinguished contributions to all branches of physics, with the winner presenting a lecture on their area of research.

Visiting teaching fellows

Each year, the School of Physics hosts a high school physics teacher to teach first year physics classes and produce professional development resources aligned with the school syllabus. The teaching fellow gains exposure to the latest physics knowledge, while the school gains insight into the knowledge base of school leavers.