Synthetic quantum matter using nano-structured superconducting circuits

Project ID: 138

Supervisor(s): Tim Duty

My primary research goal is to advance the frontiers of physics that lie at the intersection of condensed matter and quantum engineering. My current focus is to engineer synthetic quantum matter using arrays of nano-fabricated Josephson junctions. This will enable the creation of a tuneable experimental platform to elucidate quantum many-body phenomena including quantum phase transitions, competing and topological order, and novel modes of quantum transport. In many ways, nano-structured Josephson junction array circuits are analogous to neutral atoms trapped in optical lattices and trapped ion crystals, however, with much stronger interactions and packaging on a microchip. Such nano-structured circuits straddle the boundary between the classical and quantum world, showing the full repertoire of quantum weirdness, but can be controlled electronically using voltages and currents. This research will lead to advances in quantum emulation, analog quantum simulation, quantum information processing, and development of nanoscale quantum-enabled sensors and electronic devices.