The broad research interests of the academic and research staff in Theoretical Physics allow them to work on challenging problems of modern physics, such as high temperature superconductivity, quantum phase transitions, mesoscopic systems, dark matter, dark energy, origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry, origin of neutrino masses, cosmic inflation, Big Bang cosmology, tests of Grand Unified theories and other physics beyond the Standard Model, the search for cosmological variation of fundamental constants, cosmic microwave background, atoms in strong fields, quantum chaos, the climate, and complex biological systems.

Our researchers in Theoretical Physics are involved in collaborations with numerous research groups in America, Europe, and Asia, such as CERN, EMBL, and several Max Planck institutes. Theoretical Physics is fortunate to have the support of the Gordon Godfrey fund, which finances visits to UNSW by world–leading theorists for the purpose of collaborative research as well as provides funds for an annual international research conference held at UNSW on exciting topics of modern science. 

Michael Schmidt's research projects

Theoretical particle physics

Oleg Tretiakov's research projects

Theoretical condensed matter physics

Julian Berengut's Research projects

Testing the Standard Model: searching for new particles and applying many-body atomic physics calculations

Oleg Sushkov's research projects

Artificial topological materials, spintronics and other subjects

Richard Morris' research projects

Theoretical approaches to living systems

Jan Hamann's research projects

Theoretical cosmology

Yvonne Wong's research projects

Theoretical cosmology and astroparticle physics

Steven Sherwood's research projects

Earth's atmosphere and climate

Rajib Rahman's research projects

Investigations into quantum phenomena in the solid-state

Susan Coppersmith's research projects

Theoretical quantum computing

Dimi Culcer's research projects

Future low-energy electronics and spontaneous spin polarisations in hole systems

Victor Flambaum's research projects

Diverse range of projects within theoretical physics