Many problems in physics require high performance computing including simulations of novel materials, quantum computing devices, complex atomic systems, the cosmological evolution and the climate as well as the processing of large datasets from astronomical and cosmological observations or quantum simulations. This leads to the development of new computational techniques and applications. 

Several academics in Computational Physics and Big Data are also part of the UNSW Data Science Hub uDASH. This includes Prof Sarah Brough, A/Prof Sarah Martell, Dr Ben Montet, and A/Prof Dennis Stello in Astrophysics and Dr Jan Hamann in Fundamental Physics. 

Adam Micolich's research projects

Seeing is believing: Microscopy-capable nanoscale devices for bioelectronics applications

Caroline Foster's research projects

Help unravel galaxy transformation using the MAGPI suite of state-of-the-art galaxy simulation mock galaxy observations.

Dennis Stello's research projects

Sounding stars using data from NASA's Kepler and TESS missions

Ben Montet's research projects

Understanding Nearby Stars and their Planets

Oleg Tretiakov's research projects

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Julian Berengut's Research projects

Testing the Standard Model: searching for new particles and applying many-body atomic physics calculations

Sarah Martell's research projects

Galactic archaeology with large data sets

Richard Morris' research projects

Theoretical approaches to living systems

Jan Hamann's research projects

Theoretical cosmology

Yvonne Wong's research projects

Theoretical cosmology and astroparticle physics

Steven Sherwood's research projects

Earth's atmosphere and climate

Rajib Rahman's research projects

Investigations into quantum phenomena in the solid-state