Testing the Standard Model: searching for new particles and applying many-body atomic physics calculations

Project ID: 154

Supervisor(s): Julian Berengut

Our group maintains a diverse theoretical physics program aimed at testing the Standard Model, searching for new particles, and applying many-body atomic physics calculations to new experiments and new technologies. We have a strong support network, including PhD students and expert collaborators in many countries. The honours work of our students is regularly published in international journals of high calibre.'

Our group is supportive, inclusive, and friendly. Over the years many of our honours students have ended up staying for a PhD.

A selection of current projects follows, but these are subject to change at any time. I will work with you to find a project that best suits your interests and talents.

All of these projects require an excellent grasp of quantum mechanics and are suitable for a highly motivated student of theoretical physics.

  • Variations in fundamental constants due to dark energy or dark matter in astrophysics and atomic clock experiments
  • Big Bang Nucleosynthesis as a probe of dark matter in the very early universe
  • Searching for new particles using precise measurements of atomic isotope shift
  • Uncovering the atomic physics behind extreme ultraviolet light sources for next-generation nano-lithography
  • Super-accurate optical atomic clocks made using highly-charged ions
  • Physics of superheavy atoms and ions
  • Development of our atomic structure codes (AMBiT) for open-shell and electron-hole systems