Applications of physics to this system include radiative transfer in the atmosphere; fluid mechanics of the atmosphere, oceans and cryosphere including multicomponent flows and phase changes of water; self-organisation of emergent phenomena such as atmospheric storms and ocean eddies; chaos, dynamical systems and tipping points in the Earth system; and physical analogues for biological systems and land-surface behaviour. Research in this area includes development of heuristic models of phenomena, development and use of large numerical models of complex systems, statistical analysis of observational and model data and machine learning approaches.

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CCRC houses research expertise in the key areas of Earth's climate: atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial processes. We apply basic scientific principles to pressing questions on climate dynamics, global climate change, and extremes of weather and climate.

The CCRC offers a variety of potential research projects and welcomes summer, taste-of-research, honours or postgraduate students.

Steven Sherwood's research projects

Multiple projects are available to work with Prof. Steven Sherwood or other academics at the Climate Change Research Centre to seek new applications of physical principles to understanding aspects of Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land surface.