Diverse range of projects within theoretical physics

Project ID: 149

Supervisor(s): Victor Flambaum

Current research interests of our group are in the following areas:

  1. Search for non-gravitational effects of Dark matter and Dark energy in atomic and astrophysical phenomena.
  2. Test of Unification theories and search for “new physics” using effects of violation of fundamental symmetries: Parity, Time reversal, Lorentz invariance and Einstein equivalence principle.
  3. Search for space-time variation of the fundamental constants of Nature.
  4. High precision atomic calculations which are needed for the topics mentioned above and for search for superheavy nuclei, including  nuclear island of stability and “strange matter”, using astrophysical and laboratory atomic spectra.
  5. Quantum chaos and new statistical theory of finite systems based on properties of chaotic eigenstates. Applications to atomic, nuclear and molecular processes.  

Our group at UNSW includes Julian  Berengut, Vladimir  Dzuba, Victor  Flambaum, and new Research Associate.  Our students may count on support from all members of our group. 

In addition, we have intensive collaboration programs with world experts in the above mentioned research fields from USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Russia, Japan, Italy, France, Netherland, New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia. Our students are often involved in collaborations.