Staff directory

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    Name Title Job title Email
    Mahmuda Afrin Badhan Dr Research Associate
    Sami Al-Izzi Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Elizabeth Angstmann A/Prof Associate Professor
    Reza Asgari Dr Research Associate
    Yonatan Ashlea Alava Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Michael Ashley Prof Professor
    Christopher Bailey Dr Research Associate
    Julian Berengut A/Prof Associate Professor
    Sarah Brough Prof Professor
    Susan Coppersmith Prof Head of School
    Emanuele Crosato Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Dimitrie Culcer A/Prof Future Fellow (ARC)
    Paul Curmi Prof Professor
    Gabriele De Boo Dr Research Associate
    Thomas Dixon Dr Lecturer
    Victor Flambaum Sci Professor
    Caroline Foster Dr Senior Lecturer
    Rugang Geng Dr Research Associate
    Andre Goios Borges De Almeida Dr Lecturer
    Jan Hamann Dr Senior Lecturer
    Alexander Hamilton Sci Professor
    Yu-Ling Hsueh Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Karina Hudson Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Hasti Iranmanesh Dr Research Associate
    Kate Jackson Dr Lecturer
    Gareth Jay Dr Associate Lecturer
    Aydin Keser Dr Research Associate
    Daichi Kurebayashi Dr Research Associate
    Weicong Li Dr Research Associate
    Chu Wai Liew Dr Research Associate
    Scott Liles Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Christine Lindstrom Dr Senior Lecturer
    Alexey Lyasota Dr Research Associate
    Hongyang Ma Mr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Thomas MacDonald Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Sarah Martell A/Prof Associate Professor
    Cristina Martinez Lombilla Dr Research Associate
    Dane McCamey Prof Professor
    Adam Micolich Prof Professor
    Benjamin Montet Dr Scientia Fellow (Level B)
    Richard Morris Dr Senior Lecturer
    Edyta Osika Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Rajib Rahman A/Prof Associate Professor
    Peter Reece Dr Senior Lecturer
    Matthew Rendell Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Neil Robertson Dr Research Associate
    Sven Rogge Prof Pro Vice-Chancellor Research
    Md Roknuzzaman Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Lachlan Russell Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Igor Samsonov Dr Research Associate
    Harley Scammell Dr Research Associate
    Michael Schmidt Dr Senior Lecturer
    Michelle Simmons Sci Aus Professorial Rsch Fellow
    Richard Spinney Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Dennis Stello Prof Professor
    Oleg Sushkov Prof Professor
    Christopher Tinney Prof Professor
    Kim-Vy Tran A/Prof Associate Professor
    Oleg Tretiakov Dr Senior Lecturer
    Clemens Ulrich A/Prof Associate Professor
    Qingwen Wang Dr Postdoctoral Fellow
    Yvonne Wong A/Prof Associate Professor
    Feixiang Xiang Dr Post-Doc Fellow
  • Name Jobcode Title
    Cecilia Bloise Administrative Assistant
    Kristien Clayton Computer Systems Officer
    Seda Cokcetin Project Officer
    Vladimir Dzuba Research Officer
    Susan  Hagon School Manager
     Harry Rathbone Technical Officer
    Otte Homan Laboratory Manager
    David Jonas IT Manager
    Kris Karpinski Technical Officer
    Zofia Krawczyk-Bernotas Teaching Support Officer
    Neil Lawrence Technical Officer
    Sivakumar Natarajan Technical Officer
    Tamara Reztsova technical Laboratory Manager
    Catherine Taylor Administrative Assistant
    Layla Zhang Teaching Support Officer