Mr Lachlan William Russell
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mr Lachlan William Russell

Ph.D. Candidate - Optical Tweezers (February 2017 - Present) - UNSW Sydney
Ph.D. Supervisor: Dr Peter Reece.
Thesis: Nanoscale Sensing with Optically Trapped Nanodiamonds

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Physics) with Honours (2013 - 2016) - UNSW Sydney
Honours Supervisor: Dr Clemens Ulrich.

School of Physics


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    Russell LW; Dossetor EC; Wood AA; Simpson DA; Reece PJ, 2021, 'Optimizing Optical Tweezers Experiments for Magnetic Resonance Sensing with Nanodiamonds', ACS Photonics, vol. 8, pp. 1214 - 1221,
    Journal articles | 2019
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    Journal articles | 2018
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    Journal articles | 2017
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  • Conference Papers | 2018
    Russell LW; Tetienne JP; Simpson DA; Reece PJ, 2018, 'Infrared induced photo-dynamics of NV centres in optically trapped nanodiamond', in Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering,
    Preprints | 2021
    Russell LW; Dossetor EC; Wood AA; Simpson DA; Reece PJ, 2021, Optimising optical tweezers experiments for magnetic resonance sensing with nanodiamonds