Professor Elizabeth Angstmann

Professor Elizabeth Angstmann

Graduate Certificate (University Teaching and Learning), University of New South Wales, 2016

Master of Teaching, University of Sydney, 2008

PhD(Physics), University of New South Wales, 2007, Thesis Title: “Effects of the Variation of Fundamental Constants in Atoms”.

Bachelor of Science(Advanced Science - Physics), University of New South Wales 2003

School of Physics

Professor Elizabeth Angstmann, has been first year director in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales, Australia, since 2011. She is responsible for the education of thousands of students each year. Prior to this she obtained her PhD in theoretical atomic physics but decided to focus her career on education and obtained a master’s degree in teaching. Her educational background and experience as a high school teacher underpin her use of sound pedagogical bases in her courses. She has an interest in the appropriate use of technology in education and active learning methods. Elizabeth has focused on expanding physics education at the University of New South Wales, introducing both new subjects and degrees. In 2018 she launched an online graduate certificate in physics for science teachers. This exemplifies her passion about assisting school teachers to provide the best possible physics experience for their students. Elizabeth is the immediate past Chair of Physics Education Group of the Australian Institute of Physics. Her work has been recognised through the award of an Australian Award for University Teaching citation in 2018 and the prestigious Australian institute of Physics Education Medal in 2020.

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Elizabeth along with colleagues Kate Jackson and Christine Lindstrøm received a grant to develop the physics resources on the ACDS resource repository.

AIP Education medal, 2020

Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2018, as part of the Australian Award for University Teaching program (AAUT), “For developing online and face-to-face materials and experiences for students that encourage active learning and problem solving in large first year physics courses.”

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2015

My Teaching

Elizabeth is the first year physics director and so oversees the running of all first year courses in the school. Liz has also developed a Graduate certificate in Physics for science teachers.