UNSW houses one of the strongest Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) departments in Australia, with eleven members of academic staff (including five ARC Federation, Professorial or Future Fellows), and more than fifty research fellows, technical staff and research students.

Research in CMP at UNSW is focused on the electrical, optical, magnetic and thermal properties of advanced nanoscale materials, with potential applications in nanoelectronics, computing, memory elements, energy and biotechnology. The unique array of research facilities at UNSW includes cryogenic systems for measuring the motion of single electrons inside quantum devices operating at close to the absolute zero of temperature, full clean-room facilities, scanning tunneling microscopes that can be used to make electronic devices at the atomic scale, advanced laser and raman spectroscopy laboratories, and high performance electron microscopes.

Furthermore, the Quantum Electronic Devices (QED) group measures the properties of nanoscale devices at ultra-low temperatures and in extreme magnetic fields, including four helium dilution refrigerators and a unique vector magnet. Please see our website www.phys.unsw.edu.au/QED for more details.

More information on individual research projects can be found below.