Our school management team

Sky with a trail of stars revolving on the polar star indicating where north is on a lake.

The School of Physics UNSW  

Head of School - Susan Coppersmith

Deputy Head of School - Julian Berengut

School Manager - Katie McBean

Research Director  - Sarah Brough

Teaching Director - Peter Reece

Higher Year Director - Elizabeth Angstmann

First Year Director - Kate Jackson

Honours Director - Michael Schmidt

Culture Director - Paul Curmi

Postgraduate Coordinators (Admissions) -  Dennis StelloOleg Sushkov, Yvonne Wong

Postgraduate Coordinators (Progression) - Jan Hamann and Oleg Tretiakov

Occupational Health and Safety Chair - Clemens Ulrich

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair - Tom Dixon

Community Outreach Committee Chair - Kate Jackson

Higher Years Lab Manager - Tamara Reztsova

First Year Lab Director - Tom Dixon