Physics at UNSW science combines theoretical study with practical applications through interdisciplinary teaching and research.  

Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers

The Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers gives you the opportunity to extend your knowledge base and skills in the discipline of physics. This qualification is ideal for qualified science and mathematics teachers wishing to expand their teaching capabilities to include physics. It will prepare you to teach physics in an interactive way, engaging students in core concepts and real-world applications bringing physics to life in the classroom. 

The course outlines listed below contain information about the structure, expectations, and requirements of the Graduate Certificate (Physics for Science Teachers).

The course outlines enable students to understand the knowledge and expertise they will gain through program participation.  Details regarding the course convenor / lecturer and units of credit are also included.

For postgraduate enquiries

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How to apply 

All postgraduate coursework students are encouraged to apply directly to the university, through the student portal.