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Driving world changing innovation through the study of physics.

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Physics at UNSW Science combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications through interdisciplinary teaching and research, supported by collaboration with our national and international partners. We attract the very best researchers, and our courses are taught by academics at the forefront of their disciplines and fields of research. 


Our research interests at the School of Physics go beyond traditional areas. We undertake research that pioneers new ways of thinking and innovative approaches. Our close industry ties are evident in our partnership with four Australian Centres of Excellence.  

Discover all the ways you can study physics at UNSW Science with our undergraduate and postgraduate course information guides.  

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Explore a broad range of physics topics at all levels of study. Shape your own path with our flexible study options.

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Learn more about our Graduate certificate in physics for science teachers. Expand your career potential as you learn how to teach core knowledge and concepts in physics.