Industry partnerships

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The world class researchers in the School of Physics have substantial experience working with industry and government partners, to deliver innovations such as developing novel electronic devices and improving the quality of musical instruments.

Our contributions to these projects take a number of forms:

  • Research staff in the School of Physics are leaders in their fields, and as such have the ability to develop novel solutions to a range of research problems.
  • The school has extensive scientific equipment and infrastructure (including electrical characterisation equipment, advanced microscopy tools, and optical spectroscopy systems) that can be accessed by industry partners working on joint projects or as a service.
  • Projects can be developed which embed PhD candidates within an industry setting, working on research projects with direct relevance to industry partners.
  • Discrete research projects can be financially leveraged to solve problems with a broader national benefit.

To discuss how we can enhance your research capabilities, or for more information about initiating collaborative research and development activities with researchers from the School of Physics, please contact the School's Research Director, Prof Sarah Brough, email:

For general queries please email: (please include the  subject line: Industry Research Opportunities - UNSW Physics)