The School of Physics at UNSW offers a well-rounded undergraduate degree that ensures students understand the wide scope of study, research and work opportunities available to them. 

1st year physics

Experience the power and relevance of physics. We offer a choice of courses to cater for students with a variety of backgrounds, needs and skill levels in physics.

2nd year physics

Understand the principles that underpin physics. Second year physics offers courses in quantum physics, mechanics and special relativity, electromagnetism and atmospheric science.

3rd year physics

In your third year you will complete a deep and specialised study in physics which may include subjects covering quantum mechanics, computational physics, astrophysics, electrodynamics, particle physics and much more.

Honours year physics

Honours in physics will be challenging and rewarding as you undertake research, collaborating with academics and participating in research groups at the forefront of scientific discoveries.

General education courses

As part of the general education courses in physics you will expand your learning experience by studying topics such as astronomy, everyday applications of physics, or science fiction, as a starting point to understand and communicate scientific discoveries.

Taste of research

Conduct cutting-edge research with one of our research groups during your undergraduate degree.

Workplace Integrated Learning

A WIL course allows students to work as an intern in an external organisation. You will apply your disciplinary knowledge and learn about the work required in your host organisation – and receive course credit towards your degree.