Depth study resources

UNSW Science has developed a range of depth study ideas that you can implement in your classes. They can also be accessed on OpenLearning for UNSW Science.

To receive the access codes for any of these physics depth study resources, please email your NESA accreditation number (or the ID number issued to you by the teacher accreditation authority in your state) to (this is because access to these resources is restricted to teachers). You can also email this address if you would like further information about anything on this page.

Additional resources

Guide to processing and analysing data for stage 6 physics

The First Year Unit at the School of Physics has developed a guide for processing and analysing data for the NSW Stage 6 Physics course. It is a guide that links the sorts of skills that are taught at a university level to those in high school. Consider the skill level and learning requirements of your students when using this guide.

Physics skills in experimentation - activity book

A book of activities teachers may use with their students to help them develop their data and experimental skills.