Associate Professor Rajib Rahman
Associate Professor

Associate Professor Rajib Rahman

PhD, Purdue University, USA, 2009.

Masters, Purdue University, USA, 2005.

Bachelor of Arts, Gettysburg College, USA, 2002.

School of Physics

I am a computational physicist who develops advanced simulation techniques to understand quantum materials and devices. My research is interdisciplinary in scope and spreads over condensed matter physics, electrical engineering, material science, and computational science. My objective is to develop future electronics and computing technologies utilizing novel quantum phenomena in condensed matter. Solid-state quantum computing is one of my active areas of research. I have developed computational tools that can simulate various aspects of semiconductor qubits such as electronic structure, response to electric and magnetic fields, many-body interactions, and spin-lattice and spin-spin interactions. I am also interested in emerging 2D and topological materials for low energy electronics. 

+61 2 9065 1880
Old Main Bldg, G57D

  • "Atomic scale control over quantum materials", ARC LIEF 2022.
  • “Enlightening single rare-earth atoms in scanning tunneling microscopy”, ARC Discovery Project 2021,  (1/12021-31/12/2024).
  • “Engineering giant momentum asymmetry of quantum vacuum”, US DARPA, Dec 2020-Dec2021.
  • “Accelerated donor device development through atomistic modeling”, Silicon Quantum Computing Pty. Ltd. (May 2020-May 2024).
  • “Donor based quantum computing in silicon”, US Army Research Office, Jan 2017-May 2021.
  • “Designing quantum fluctuational meta-molecules for giant co-operative light-matter interaction beyond spectral boundaries”, US DARPA, Aug 2018-Feb 2020. 

My Research Supervision

Postdoctoral Research Associates:

Dr. Yuling Hsueh 

Dr. Edyta Osika

Dr. Hongyang Ma

PhD Students:

Md. Serajum Monir

Mushita Masud Munia

Saffat Huq

Pratik Chowdhury


Angus Worrall

Zachary Kembrey


Hugo Sebastian

My Teaching

First Year Physics 1121/1131

Electromagnetism Physics 2114

Experimental and Computational Physics 3112

First Year Lab Director