UNSW Data Science Hub


The UNSW Data Science Hub (uDASH) was formed to bring together data specialists from across UNSW to help address complex, real-world challenges faced by business, industry, and government. We translate large volumes of data into knowledge to support decision-making.

Every day data are used to inform decisions: given what I know, where do I go next? There is no shortage of data, yet the answers are often unclear. uDASH recognises this and understands that in dealing with data, the ideal answer requires the right question.

We have countless ways to collaborate, from research projects and training (micro-credentialling or targeted courses and workshops), to consultation and student researcher placements. Our team develops the tools to reveal the information and powerful insights within your data.

Facilities and capabilities 

uDASH has access to Australia’s fastest array of supercomputers. By collaborating with uDASH, simulations that can take days on high end office machines may only take minutes or hours with our computing power. Firmly embedded in UNSW’s rich diversity of centres and facilities, uDASH and its partners have access to the Katana Servers, the suite of computers in the hub and UNSW’s EPICentre located at the Paddington campus.

To resolve your unique data challenges, we offer workshops, consultations and focused projects. No single solution can solve all problems. uDASH offers diverse data science solutions for anyone struggling to make sense of their data. Our team of experts can optimally analyse complex data using diverse approaches like statistical modelling and machine learning to transform your data into actionable insights as well as visualisation to help you effectively communicate outcomes to diverse audiences.